About Us

Urban Daily was founded by Mr. Ajay Bhojwani, Mr. Vijay Bhojwani, Mr. Deepak Bhojwani & Mr. Akash Bhojwani under the guidance of Mr. Jaipal Bhojwani & Mr. Narayan Bhojwani when they noticed a need in the market for good quality home furnishings and appliances at affordable prices. The duo has been working in this field for more than a decade. They observed the changing trends in furniture designs and the growing need for home appliances.

Urban Daily reflects their understanding of the market. The store offers a wide range of finely designed furniture which reflects the contemporary taste and functionality. The store also keeps the latest gadgets which offer the greatest value for money. Their after-sales service staff is up to date with the latest innovations and are always eager to be at the customer’s behest.
With two outlets, one in Burhanpur and one in Indore, Urban Daily aims to expand all over Madhya Pradesh and the country. The Company believes in building a long-term relationship with its customers. It does with a dedicated and trained service staff that answers all your queries while shopping and delivers prompt after-sale services. It is on the basis of these long term relationships that the Brand Urban Daily wants to build its foundation.