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From Small Spaces to Big Homes: A Guide to the Best Storage Furniture for Every Room

by Urban Daily Ecommerce 16 Jun 2023

In today's world, maximizing space and storage is essential, regardless of the size of your home. With the rise of smaller apartments and houses, choosing the right storage solution has become increasingly important. In this article we’ll go through a comprehensive guide to the best storage furniture for every room in your home.

Efficient storage is vital in any home for keeping the living space organized and clutter-free. Having ample storage furniture is a practical solution for all your belongings while giving your space a neat and tidy appearance. Choosing furniture that blends with your style and lifestyle can often be an additional challenge.

Living Room
The living room is generally the hub of any home and having enough storage furniture will make it easy for you to store all your items and make the most out of your space. Consider these following storage furniture options for your living room:
Choosing the Right Shelves
Shelves are a fantastic option for any home, particularly smaller ones. They help to maximize storage space and offer a clean and sleek look. Finding the right shelves that match your style and room aesthetic can take some time, but it's essential to get it right.
Multi-Purpose Ottomans
Multi-purpose ottomans are useful furniture choices that function as seats, tables, and storage spaces. When you need to hide all the clutter or store extra living room items, you can open the ottoman lid and tuck away your belongings.
Coffee Table with Storage
A coffee table with storage is an excellent option for living rooms that have insufficient space. A coffee table that doubles as storage space gives you a place to rest your drinks and adds a practical solution for storing magazines and other small items.
Recliners with Storage
Recliners with storage provide a great way to keep your living room neat and tidy. You can use the storage space provided to store remote controls, magazines, and drinks.

The kitchen is an essential area in any home where space optimization is crucial. Keep it functional and organized with these storage furniture options:
Open Shelving Units
Open shelves are an excellent option for those that want to showcase their kitchen items and maximize the use of the vertical space. Open shelves create an airy feel and provide an opportunity to display your cookbooks, favorite dishes, and decorative bowls.
Modular Cabinets
Modular cabinets' versatility permits more considerable storage possibilities while also making it simple to reorganize your kitchen area. Modifying the cabinets' configuration offers you the freedom to transform the room to suit your ever-changing needs.
Rolling Carts
A rolling cart is a fantastic addition to any kitchen and provides the flexibility of being able to move it around wherever it's needed. Use it as a food prep area or as a mobile storage cabinet.
Pot Racks and Hanging Baskets
Hanging pots and baskets from the ceiling provide an understated yet functional option for kitchen storage. These storage options utilize vertical space and also double up as attractive decor items.
Dining Room
The dining area is often for entertaining, so it’s optimal to keep it tidy and clean. Here are some storage furniture options for your dining room:
Buffet Cabinets
Buffet cabinets are ideal for both formal and informal dining areas. They come in an assortment of sizes to accommodate your storage needs and provide a decorative element to tie the room together.
Wine Racks
If you are a wine enthusiast, then a wine rack is a fantastic addition to your dining area. It provides a chic and practical solution to your wine bottle storage needs.
Bar Cabinets
Having a bar cabinet in your dining area makes for easy access to your drinks and glasses. It ensures that everything is in one location and looks stylish.
Display Cabinets
Display cabinets allow you to add decorative items to your dining area while also providing storage space. These cabinets come in various styles and sizes, allowing you to choose the right one that fits your dining room aesthetics.
Since it's a place of rest and relaxation, having a bedroom that's hastily thrown together can compromise your quality of life. Here are some storage furniture options to keep your bedroom tidy:

Bed Frames with Built-In Storage
Bed frames with built-in storage are an excellent solution for bedrooms with small storage spaces. These beds provide a stylish and practical way to store extra bedding, clothes, and any other essential items.

Dressers with Multiple Drawer
Dressers with multiple drawers help keep all your clothes and belongings organized. The drawers offer ample space for all your clothing, leaving you plenty of room to organize other bedroom items.

Armoires and Wardrobes
Armoires and wardrobes provide a stylish option for storing your garments, shoes, and other personal items. They come in a variety of styles to meet your needs.

Valet Rods and Hooks
Valet rods and hooks provide extra storage for clothes and can be used to hang your clothes for the following day. These hooks also provide additional organization to your belongings.

For many, the bathroom is a small room with limited storage. Here are a few storage solutions to help keep your bathroom organized and neat:

Organizing with Over-The-Toilet Cabinets
Over-the-toilet cabinets offer a practical and elegant way of maximizing small bathroom spaces while providing ample storage space.

Floating Shelves for Maximum Storage
Floating shelves provide a simple yet effective way to store bathroom items, including towels, soap, and other accessories.

Rolling Carts for Extra Space
A rolling cart is an excellent option for adding extra storage to your bathroom. It can be used to store extra toiletries, towels, or any other essential items.

Hidden Cabinets and Drawers
Hidden cabinets and drawers are a great option for bathrooms with limited space. They provide extra storage areas for your personal items without cluttering your living area.

Home Office
The home office is an essential space when it comes to storage furniture. Maximize the use of space and create an organized work area with these following storage solutions:

Desks with Shelving
Desks with shelving provide a functional workspace while incorporating storage space. They come in an array of sizes to meet your needs, making them an excellent choice for a home office setup.

Modular Office Storage Systems
Modular office storage systems permit you to create custom storage setups that match your office needs. They offer a range of sizes to maximize your space and assist in keeping everything organized.

Rolling Cabinets and Carts
Rolling cabinets and carts in your home office ensure that your workspace is organized and clutter-free. You can easily move these cabinets wherever you deem fit or store them easily.

Shelving for File Storage
Shelving for file storage provides plenty of space for books, files, and office supplies. These shelves come in an array of sizes and styles to match your decor.

What are some good storage furniture options for a small apartment?
Open shelving units and multi-purpose ottomans are great storage options for small apartments. The coffee table with storage and bed frames with built-in storage are practical options for small living and bedroom spaces.

How do I choose storage furniture that fits my style?
Consider the style of your space and your personal preferences when selecting storage furniture. Choose furniture that matches your aesthetic and that is functional.

Are there any furniture pieces that can serve multiple purposes?
Yes, multi-purpose ottomans, coffee tables with storage, and bed frames with built-in storage are furniture pieces that serve multiple purposes.

What are some maintenance tips for keeping my storage furniture in good condition?
Keeping storage furniture clean is essential to maintaining its good condition. Dusting, polishing, and cleaning regularly will help preserve the look and functionality of your furniture.

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